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Hamster Love

I don’t know what it is about this commercial. I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud but I find the hamsters at the end of this commercial sexy.

There. I said it.

There’s just something in their swagger as they start their strut up the red carpet. Maybe it’s the way their Ray Bans sit jauntily on their noses… (snouts?) Or the suave way he brushed his hair. Or the confident way he gives his fans one last look over his shoulder as he enters the building.

Either way. Hotties.


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It’s out!! The premiere is April 6th. Share it with the realm! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Outlander Trailer!

So looking forward to this. I’ve read all of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series books and can’t wait for the series!!

The trailer has been released:


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It’s that time of year again – Oscar season! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been pretty lax about watching all the nominated films but plan to buckle down and catch up before the big event. That’s February 24th by the way.

The pros are saying Lincoln will be winning a bunch and it very likely will. But others like Silver Linings Playbook and Argo have garnered lots of buzz as well.

Every year, I get drawn into all the nominated films (and always so different!), the actors’ performances and all special moments in movies – I’ve always been a fan of the Oscars as well as all the other awards shows (Golden Globes, People’s Choice, SAG…). I know not everyone feels the same way and that’s perfectly Ok. But if you’re one of those people, you should have stopped reading this a while ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhow – if you;re like me and like to pick your own predictions, there’s a nice printable ballot posted here. On the left-hand side of the page under the Facebook login, click on โ€œBallot.โ€ There’s a printable PDF listing all 24 Oscar categories and all the nominees – after printing, you can tick your picks.

Looking to play Oscar Bingo? It’s a great game if you’re hosting an Oscar party.

You can get the 2012 ones posted by How About Orange.

Or sign up to be notified once they post the 2013 ones.

I’ll share my picks once I’ve seen more of the nominees – stay tuned!


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Love this! ๐Ÿ™‚


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So, looking back at this postย from the beginning of the season, I had the finalists nailed. I’m still a big fan of Phillip. I still like Joshua, Jessica and Skylar. I think Hollie might be the next to go – she seems a bit inconsistent.

At this point, I don’t know who will make it to the final – I’d love to see Phillip make it but with powerhouses like Jessica and Joshua, that might be hard to achieve. But then looking back on past winners, there hasn’t a country winner in a while so Skylar might have a good chance too.

Just a few weeks to go!

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Is it just me…or do these two look alike?


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