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I can’t help but love this commercial from McDonald’s Canada. They sent a guy around the world to ask various locals (who don’t speak English) where the nearest McDonald’s was. It’s awesome.

Yes, it’s for a fast food chain. Yes, when in a foreign country, you’re supposed to try the local cuisine. Yes, it shows how commercial the world has become.

So what?

Seeing the joy and relief when the people in the commercial finally figure out what he’s trying to say is great.

Love it.

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Watch this video if you have a pool or know someone that does. It’s about the 40 children who have drowned in swimming pools this summer (so far) in Quebec. Tragic.

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This kid is awesome!

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I absolutely love these guys.

Here’s their classic version of the 12 Days of Christmas from 1998. Always gets some giggles out of me.


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Highly recommend this blog post and video about city skylines including Toronto, Montreal, New York, etc. The creator of the sequence Dominic Boudreault states the purpose is to show the duality between city and nature.

There are some gorgeous shots in there. I like the ones showing the massive scale of some of the cities. Makes one feel so small in the grand scheme. Also the nature ones at the end with the stars moving overhead – stunning.

Nice job.

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