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Sunday was a relaxed day spent playing backgammon by the lake, then chillin by the pool at home, then off to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize did a fantastic job playing the evil queen. Kirsten Stewart was better than expected but only because she didn’t have much dialogue to begin with. The costumes and artistic elements of the film were great.

Monday morning, Julie and I went to see Magic Mike. Surprisingly several people were there for the 10:20am showing, even a couple of guys (dragged there by their wives no doubt). Matthew and Channing…in the same film…about male strippers. *snicker* The story was engrossing and intellectually stimulating…no, not really. 😀  Light and fluffy – glad we paid matinee pricing LOL

The weather all weekend couldnt’ have been more perfect: 30+ and sunny. Julie caught her flight back to Montreal this afternoon…time flew – our fun weekend ended too soon!

There is a silver lining though – I’m still on vacation the rest of the week. 🙂

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We had family visiting this past weekend. My husband’s sister (also one of my best friends :)), her husband and their two children (ages 2 and 4) drove down from Montreal to spend the weekend with us and we had an awesome time!

Friday evening we stayed up and played Harry Potter Clue (such an amazing game) – I miss our regular game nights from when we lived in Montreal. 🙂 Good times.

Saturday morning we went to the Ontario Science Centre and after about an hour and a half of kids screaming and running around (and some of them actually looked like they were having fun hehe), we headed out. They actually have a pretty cool area for kids (under 8 years old) with lots of hands on activities and things. We went over to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. I love that place – it’s so much fun for kids and adults alike, like eating underneath the rainforest canopy with animals and all. After lunch, us girls stayed at Yorkdale mall to get our shopping fix. Dad and kids went to see the Lorax and my husband was dropped off at home to decompress. 🙂

Shopping was quite successful:

Gap: Off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, navy/white nautical hoodie (so soft!!)

RW&Co: 3 tops, 2 camis, jewelry (1 pair of earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 necklace)

Sephora: Got the new Sheer Beauty perfume from Calvin Klein

Old Navy: 2 tank tops, 3 t-shirts – liking the off-the-shoulder and neon-accented stuff (welcome back 80s)

I still haven’t found a new handbag. I’m torn and somewhat frustrated that none are calling out to me…

Saturday night, we stayed up playing Harry Potter Clue until 2am! LOL

Sunday, we spent some time by the lake in Port Credit and enjoyed the walk in the sun and feeding the swans, geese and ducks.

Feeding the swans

I'm sleeping here!!!

Pretty 🙂

After lunch we waved goodbye as the fam headed back to Montreal…

It was a great weekend!! 🙂

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My friend Nicki came down to visit from Montreal; she arrived Friday afternoon and we met up at the Eaton Centre downtown to kick-start the weekend with some much-needed shopping. I ended up buying a couple of tops at RW & Co, a scarf at H&M and then splurged and spent $580 at Victoria’s Secret. What can I say…a girl needs underthings. 🙂

I really enjoyed the Eaton Centre – it’s a great mall with awesome stores. I held back from buying a purse at Michael Kors. Since I typically buy a new purse twice  a year (spring/summer and fall/winter), I know forking out $400 for a bag I’ll only use for 6 months isn’t a very good idea…

I was also in the market for a new perfume and we sniffed a ton at Sephora’s but with all the other fumes in the air, it was hard to focus. LOL I didn’t know Jennifer Aniston had a perfume out – smelled very beachy. I’ll have to revisit the perfume-shopping on a less busy shopping time to avoid another fume-fest.

Saturday was wine country day – we did the Wine & Chocolate festival, visited 6 wineries and stopped at Ravine’s for lunch. Yum. 🙂 Our evening was quiet, spent at home gabbing, watching some TV, sipping sparkling wine and then ice wine…

It seemed like the weekend flew by and then it was already time to say goodbye.

Awesome weekend!!

I’m already making my list for the next shopping excursion. 🙂

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It’s coming.

This weekend one of my girlfriends is coming down from Montreal to visit for a few days of shopping, wine, gabbing and relaxation.

Stay tuned for the gory details. 🙂

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I’m a morning person. I wake up early during the week, and I wake up early on weekends too. During the week, that’s 5:45 am. On weekends, I sleep in til 6:30 am. 🙂 I open my eyes and jump out of bed at full speed, ready to start the day and tackle the to-do list. I know it’s annoying to some people, but what can you do. I read somewhere that the time you were born at is generally the time of day you’re at your best. I was born at 5:01 am so it makes sense for me – who knows how much truth there is in that.

And nothing makes me happier than getting all my errands done and be back home by 10 am to enjoy the rest of the day in relaxation mode. Heaven! The one problem is that any noisy yard work or outside chores have to wait until a more respectable hour – basically until the rest of the neighbors wake up… lol

Today was a great day. We went out for breakfast then did our groceries. I LOVE going to the grocery store first thing in the morning. Tons of grocery carts to choose from, hardly anyone in the store, everyone’s relaxed, all the products on the shelves are front-facing and tidy. Awesome.

I spent the better part of the day (11 til 3) out by the pool, reading, tanning, swimming, snoozing… Then made an awesome late lunch/early supper of grilled trout with salad and enjoyed it with sparkling wine. Yumm.

Life is good. Well-prepared for the hectic week ahead.

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Deciding to go to Montreal for the weekend started out like a really good idea. It would give me a break from work since nights and weekends have become the norm during this project I’m working on, and it would be fun to see the fam, so taking a vacation day on Friday and heading back to Montreal had a nice ring to it.

My plane landed on Friday morning, and on the cab ride to my sister’s place, two things struck me. 1) DAMN it’s cold here and 2) WTF is up with the roads? Were they that bad when I lived there??

Anyway, I arrived at Sue’s just before 10am and walked into what seemed like a daycare. Sienna and Maddie were there and baby Chloe too, all surrounded by toys, bright colors, the sound of cartoons in the air and toys that require a lifetime supply of batteries and I thought to myself, “Wait, taxi, wait – take me to the Marriott!!” But the cab had already driven away – he had likely heard the commotion coming from the house…hmmm smart guy… So I went in.

That first day was spent playing with the kids which ended up being surprisingly fun. My sister has the troops on a military schedule. Baby #1 Nap time. Baby #2 Lunch. Baby #3 diaper change and go play (with Aunt Val!!). Ok now everyone, rotate!! Baby bootcamp was really quite entertaining… In late afternoon, Christina and Adam came by to pick up Chloe, we went out to supper at Firegrill (mmm Prime Riiiib) so I could catch up with my mom, then back to the house for bedtime story time (Sienna made me read 7 Easter books)… then off to bed.

Saturday: Brunch and shopping with Sue, Sienna, Maddie, Christina and Nicki. That was fun. Then off to the mall. That was fun too 🙂 Got lots of cute spring stuff and managed to fit it all into my suitcase on the way back, miraculously… Biggest coup of the day was getting a $130 Guess bag for $26. Very successful shopping day. Spent the evening at Christina’s watching the Habs while eating Arahova’s. Good times. Back to Baby Central for the night.

Sunday: Hung out at home and worked on Sue’s computer. Can she really have accumulated 7000 photos in one folder? Yes, apparently she did. Anyway, we sorted through all those pics and split them into subfolders and installed her photo printer. Super Mom is now able to print photos…Hope I didn’t create a monster!

The flight home was hilarious – the WestJet crew was so funny. The plane was half full, so they encouraged people to change seats if they like the looks of the neighbor across he aisle. They’re all about love. 🙂 Anyway, we landed, I got home safely, I freaked out that my herbs turned into a mini forest over the weekend, I unpacked, ate supper, uploaded pics to Facebook and here we are.

So, I survived Baby Bootcamp with just some minor aches and pains. It turned out to be more baby-filled than I’d originally planned, but I had a lof of fun. And can’t wait to see the troops again n a couple of months when they come down to TO. But I might have to hide the batteries… :))

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So Chris will be heading to Montreal for the weekend to attend a baptism on his side of the family and to meet with Acura since it’s nearing the end of his lease (he left his car in Mtl). I’ll be staying behind, hoping to get some work done on a big project going on right now.

That being said, other than work, my bachelorette weekend will be filled with movies and unhealthy food. 🙂 Got the new Narnia movie as well as Wanted on Blue-Ray, and season one of Private Practice the Greys spinoff. All this will be accompanied by chips & salsa, popcorn, m&ms, sorbet and other pig out foods. After losing 5lbs due to the stomach flu I had last week, it’s time to live it up a little.

Deep thought for the day: Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.


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