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My mind has been somewhat scattered today… Don’t you hate it when that happens? 🙂 So, today’s blog post will be a jumble of thoughts. I apologize for the erratic post ahead of time.

Last night’s supermoon

I kept an eye out for it. And somewhere around 8:30 pm ET, I caught a glimpse of it through the window, so I grabbed my camera and hightailed it out to the backyard for a better look. The pics I took didn’t turn out, but the moon sure was bigger when it was low in the sky. I actually looked again at 4am this morning but it was high in the sky and looked fairly normal size.

How to Train Your Dragon

We watched this movie last night and I truly enjoyed it. I liked the Vikings, the dragons, “dragon training”, the various characters. Great fun. I hear there’s a second one – not too sure of the details.

Winter is over.

No snow in the yard, no snow out front, no snow anywhere I look these days. Winter is over. Spread the word.

Booked our excursions

I booked our shore excursions for our upcoming cruise. I’ll be crossing off several Life List items on this trip including:

  • Visit the Harry Potter theme park at Universal’s Island of Adventure in Orlando (excursion #1)
  • Travel to the Bahamas
  • Parasailing (excursion #2) in Nassau
  • Kayaking (excursion #3) in Great Stirrup Cay
  • Go on 10 cruises – this will be my 5th
  • Climb a rock-climbing wall (the ship has one)
  • Turn my Blackberry off for an entire week (no signal down there) but luckily the ship has an internet cafe 🙂

Heart and Stroke Foundation Lottery

We buy tickets every year and this time, I won a Body Break Healthy Living Digital Scale as well as a Kitchen Scale. Waiting for delivery. Yay me. 🙂

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I woke up to see that we had a flurry overnight, the light and fluffy snow that hangs precariously on branches and fences. One swift gust of wind would blow everything away. It’s supposed to go up to 3 degrees today and all of it will melt away so I took a pic when I had the chance. 🙂

Oh, and for all of you wondering if the berries are still hanging on. Yes, they are:

If those little berries can get through the winter unscathed, we certainly can too. 🙂

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We had our first now about a week and a half ago. And it looks like it’s staying for a good while by the looks of it. It’s the most snow we;ve had in about 2 years so although it’s nice to see (and feel like real Canadians!), it’s already getting old…

I was looking out our back patio door this morning and noticed that even though the trees have lost their leaves and there’s snow on the ground, there are still small signs of spring to help us through the cold. 🙂  I’m hangin’ onto those berries people, and hopefully they’ll stick around til April!

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Winter, where are you?

This is the view from our front door, taken earlier today…

Nary a snowflake in sight. It rained today…because it was too warm to snow. Our street:

Hmm. Hopefully Santa won’t think he made a wrong turn and turn back north…

They’re calling for scattered flurries over the next day or so – let’s see if it stays.

After last year’s snow-free winter, I thought I missed the snow at Christmas time. But something can definitely be said for not having to deal with the white stuff… Having a partial change of heart. I’d still like to see some of the big snowflakes though during the holidays… 🙂

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Blog header

So, as you may have noticed, I like to change my blog header (that photo across the top of the page) once a month. I’m currently feeling wintery and am now mentally prepared for the cold weather to start. I’ve started thinking about Christmas gifts, holiday plans, winter decor for the house, getting out the flannel sheets, wood fires and hot chocolate.

So, all you weathermen, winter-tire commercial dudes, elves and reindeer: You may now officially start talking about winter.

I’m ready.

Let her rip.

5 months to go.


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We have been in TO for 8 months now. Already! And over the course of these past months, we’ve noticed some things that are different. Some better, some worse, some just different. Here’s a list. 🙂

Gas: Haven’t posted this in a while but for the first time in months, gas hit 90 cents today. Someone tell me what it is in Montreal?

Winter: Omg, winter is mild over here. Ya, there’s snow but nowhere near what we were tortured with in Montreal… Not as cold, nowhere near as icy, there were some storms and it was funny to hear everyone complain about the weather, but all in all, these winters I can live with.

Movie theaters: Guzzo has more comfy seats, but there’s so much more legroom here.

Loblaws: In Montreal they sell wine at the grocery store, here they have a small kiosk but for the good stuff you have to go to the liquor store called LCBO. Here they have a lot more Indian / East Asian products. Everything else is pretty much the same. Oh – and they’re open til 11pm here, which is cool.

Driving: I’ve said this before – TO has the most courteous drivers I’ve ever seen. Still getting used to it. All those years of drving in Mtl trained us to be like army drill sargeants in ‘Nam on the road. Much less stressful now… And I’ll say it again – people actually do full stops here. Fascinating.

Turn right on red. No contest.

Roads: No bumps, potholes are all but nonexistent, smooth rides are the norm. I definitely don’t miss the Mtl roads…more like off-roads…

Traffic: I’ll take Decarie any day of the week! Traffic here is ridiculous. What would normally be a 20-30 minute drive downtown turns into a 2 hour road trip to work. I’ve never done it, but have seen it from the train. Utterly ridiculous.

Customer service: People are really nice here. Not used to that yet either. It’s very pleasant to interact with people. They smile, they’re helpful, they don’t give you “the look” like they’re doing you a favour. It’s refreshing. I might become a people-person yet! Who knew?!

Restos: Well, the only restos we’ve been to have counterparts in Montreal so I can’t judge fairly… the food has been the same (Keg, Jack Astors, etc.) so far. They have a lot more Indian / East Asian restaurants simply due to the population.

Drive-thru: They have drive thrus everywhere… Coffee, fast food, banks, it’s crazy. You’d think they’d want to get out of their cars after the long commutes…guess not.

Sports: Montrealers are true fans. There’s nothing like the buzz in the air when the Habs are winning. 🙂

That’s all folks!

Deep thought of the day:
Intelligent doesn’t have to mean educated. And Creative doesn’t have to mean talented.

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Winter is hell…you can’t escape it anywhere in Canada. We’ve had the first couple of days of really cold weather here… You know what I mean – when you go outside and it’s that mix of damp/crisp cold air that instantly chills you to the bone and makes you catch your breath and say “Holy sh&%$ it’s cold!”. It’s definitely winter. And it’s been Cold…with the wind it’s been minus 20s. Which is still pretty good. Our only consolation is that it’s Colder in Montreal *insert taunting wave to friends and family in Mtl* and Coldest in the prairies. Even Vancouver didn’t escape it this year… What is going ON??? BlaBla global warming BlaBla.

All this environment talk doesn’t seem to be producing any results. I’m skeptical. I mean, you can’t escape it, it’s on tv, it’s on the radio, it’s in ads, in junk mail, on billboards, everywhere. “They” tell us to save energy, to reduce/reuse/recycle, to waste less, change your lightbulbs, no to plastic bags, yes to clean cars, save the planet, think of the future, think GREEN. And yet, it seems to be getting more and more urgent, which makes me think that it’s not working.

I tell you I’m so green, I look like Oscar the grouch. >:-)

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll gladly do my part for the planet. We recycle. We recycle a lot more than we toss in the trash, that’s for sure. But obviously, I’m not perfect because every once in a while I hear a tsktsk and heavy sigh from Chris as he fishes out a recyclable item I erroneously threw in the garbage, shaking his head as he rinses it in the sink and tosses it in the garbage like I’ve made this huge transgression and my ultimate goal is to sabotage his beloved Earth… The dog whisperer is also a planet worshipper. Who knew.

So, I do my part. I recycle. I close lights in rooms we’re not using. I take public transportation. I even offered to get those reusable bags from Loblaws now that plastic bags cost 5 cents each (except when we need plastic bags for cat litter and other things, and then we’ll “forget” our reusable bags to stock up on plastic ones). But I’m skeptical. Mostly because there’s still no standard on recycling or other methods. Looking for those numbered codes on plastic containers drives me nuts. Is that a 2? Is it a 6? Does the city recycle 2s and not 6s? Or vice versa? It’s madness. I’m half expecting Chris to one day suggest moving to a city that recycles both 2s AND 6s…he’d be thrilled! But really…How serious can “they” be? With all the increase in production and pollution of all these recycling plants and other “green” factories, is all our hard work really making a difference? Or is it the latest fad driven by corporations? In 25 years, will people look back and snicker at those wacky people from the 2000s who used to wear biodegradable clothing in order to save the planet? I wonder…

But there’s one thing I’ll never change for the good of the planet: I love my SUV. 🙂 Speaking of which…

Deep thought of the day:
Drive defensively…buy a tank.


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