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We’ve been planning our trip to Italy for a couple of months or so now and will be visiting Rome and Florence in the fall, with day trips to Naples/Pompei (from Rome) and Siena/San Gimignano/Chianti/Monteriggioni (from Florence).

We’ll be in Italy for 11 days, which is the sweet spot for Chris and I – we start getting antsy for home at around the ten-day mark – don’t ask me why.

Below is our itinerary and as most Europe flights from North America, we’ll be taking an overnight flight which has us landing in Rome midday local time. I’m unable to sleep on a plane but try to stay awake until night-time (local time) to adjust to local time as quickly as possible.

We’ve booked our hotels, as well as the tours linked below. We’ll be buying the Roma Pass (unlimited public transportation and free entry to 2 museums) and the Firenze card (free entry to museums).

  • Day 1: Arrive in Rome: Walk/Explore, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps.
  • Day 2:
    • AM: Vatican tour (skip the line)  for Vatican museums, St. Peter’s and Sistine Chapel
    • PM: Castel Sant’Angelo
    • 5:30pm: Roman Food Tour – progressive tour that stops in various spots in Rome for food and wine tastings.
  • Day 3: Day trip to Naples and Pompei – tour
  • Day 4:
    • AM: Ancient Rome and Colosseum tour (skip the line/beat the crowds)
    • PM: Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini (with all the “old” stuff planned, this looked like a cool option for something different – it combines ruins with virtual recreation to show what a roman villa would have looked like, as well as a basilica and WW2 bunker).
  • Day 5:
    • Rome to Florence by train
    • AM: Accademia museum
    • PM: Santa Maria Novella church and museum
  • Day 6:
    • AM: Duomo, Baptistery, Campanile (Bell Tower)
    • PM: Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens (probably have lunch in the gardens)
  • Day 7: Day trip to Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti (lunch at Tuscan winery), Monteriggioni midieval fortress
  • Day 8:
    • AM: UIffizi Gallery
    • PM: Palazzo Vecchio, Mercato del Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Trinita, Loggia del Lanzi, Santa Croce
  • Day 9: Free time in Florence for shopping, exploring, and visiting anything we ran out of time (or energy) to visit previously.
  • Day 10: Free time in Florence
  • Day 11: Depart

So excited to see the art and ruins, eat amazing food, drink fabulous wine and get lost in the side streets of Roma and Firenze. Ciao!! 🙂



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I’ve updated my Life List and now that we’ve decided what our trip will be for 2017 (Italia, here we come!), that helped identify which Life List items I’ll be crossing off the list this year – see below:

  • Travel to Italy
  • See the Sistine Chapel (Rome, Italy)
  • See the Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
  • Tour Tuscany (planning on San Gimignano, Siena)
  • Train ride in Europe (we’re planning on taking a train between Rome and Florence)
  • Have gelato in Italy
  • Enjoy pasta and wine in Italy
  • Eat pizza in Naples (planning a day trip from Rome to Pompeii, Naples, Mt Vesuvius)

And the non-travel related items to tackle in 2017 are:

  • Grow a fruit tree
  • Picnic in a vineyard
  • Have a proper English tea
  • Make a craft for every season/holiday for 1 year
  • Cook a whole fish
  • Have a home emergency kit
  • Learn 5 homestead skills (in progress – will continue)
  • Read 30 books
  • Cook 30 new recipes
  • Watch 50 movies

Not too shabby 🙂 I better get moving!

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Day 8:

We took the ferry from PEI to Caribou, NS to begin the next leg of our trip and the one I was most excited about: Cape Breton! After the ferry ride we stopped for lunch in Antigonish then continued on to Baddeck. We stayed at the Silver Dart Lodge and it was amazing, from the view to the food at the restaurant on site (McCurdy’s) – great spot to kick off our Cabot Trail adventure. We took a stroll in the town and walked along the water near the lodge prior to dinner – it’s very scenic, peaceful and relaxing.

View from our room:


Trail near the lake:


Reading on our deck the following morning, after breakfast and before we headed out:


Food List Items: Seafood Fettucine (including Digby scallops, mussels, shrimp), Cape Breton desserts (apple crisp, bread pudding, oatcakes).

Day 9:

We headed onto the Cabot Trail and made several stops for photo ops at the lookouts along the way. We stopped for lunch (Main Street Restaurant & Bakery – You Gotta Eat Here), then at the visitor’s centre in Ingonish to pick up our park passes (Cape Breton Highlands National Park) and got ready for a day of hiking. The first trail was a very short (but steep!) one – the Freshwater Lake Lookout. steps almost all the way up but the view was so worth it.


Next, we stopped at Ingonish Beach where the trailhead of the next trail was and we took pics of the beach while we were there – very pretty!


The second trail was the Freshwater Lake trail and it was about 1.7km and flat.


We didn’t see much wildlife here and certainly no coyotes.


The next stop was the MIddle Head Trail. This was a trail aloong a peninsula and the views were amazing. It was about 4km all in all.


We came across this guy – not sure what it is but it was quite large:


Doesnt this look like a mermaid sitting down, hidden behind some leaves:


This little guy was munching away right by the boardwalked section of the trail and wasn’t scared of us at all. Cutie:


Another “don’t be an idiot” sign:


We stopped for dinner then drove up to Cape North where we stayed at a B&B for the night. It was so quiet in the night up in the middle of nowhere. 🙂 It was great!

Day 10:

We had a great breakfast and met some fine folks at our B&B. We were off to an early start since our target today was the Skyline Trail, 9.2 km of trail and the chance of seeing a moose. (We didn’t see any but the trail had amazing views!). There are two options for the trail – you could take the “right” for a more rugged (and longer) trail experience, of the “left” for a gravel path (and shorter) experience to the boardwalk/steps at the end of the trail. We opted to start with the right and come back on the easy one.


It was windy up there!! We had to remove our hats or the wind would have done it for us. 🙂 We grabbed a bench and stopped for a snack and water enjoying the view, then headed back.


That would have been us at the top of the ridge – this is the view from below:


Stops at Lookouts on our way to Cheticamp:


After lunch in Cheticamp, we headed down to Inverness to stop at the Beach boardwalk which was gorgeous – on one side there was the beach and on the other, a golf course. Wow!


Then off to Margaree Valley to the next stop at the Normaway Inn. The property is absolutely beautiful – it felt like we were at summer camp. 🙂 We had dinner reservations on site and enjoyed that and relaxed for most of the evening.


I also loved the tech-free room – no TV, no phone, they had wi-fi and this radio (functional with a hidden cassette player in the lid).


There was a claw foot tub in the bathroom. 🙂


I don’t know which was funnier – knowing that the lid opened up and most “kids” wouldn’t have known that, or that we knew how to work the cassette (which most “kids” definitely wouldn’t know how to do… Hahaha 🙂


The next morning, we took a walk around the grounds and this cat escorted us all the way and back. 🙂 Cue the animal whisperer (Chris).


Off to Sydney for our last leg of the trip!


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Day 1:

We flew into Halifax late morning and were able to park at our hotel, popped out for lunch then checked into our room. Our plan for the afternoon was to visit the Citadel and the Public Gardens.

The Citadel was very interesting and we walked around and explored every nook and cranny. It was really an impenetrable fortress of a building and we learned a lot about the history of Canada and specifically the Maritimes in WW1 and WW2. My favourites things at the Citadel were the exhibit of a “trench” and how they used trenches to minimize damage (e.g. should a grenade be launched, the damage radius would be smaller than out in the open). The info about the Halifax Explosion was also quite good and one event that I didn’t know very much about. Seeing all the artillery, and the ambiance bits (bagpiper, change of the guard) added to the experience.

img_5963 img_5968 img_5969 img_5970 img_5972 img_5974 img_5977

After the Citadel we headed over to the Halifax Public Gardens to rest our feet on a bench and people- and nature-watch. We were amazed at their collection of dahlias – so many varieties, each one more dazzling than the last.

img_5982 img_5987 img_5986 img_5993 img_5996 img_5997 img_5998 img_5999

After the gardens, we stopped for dinner at 2 Doors Down (featured on You Gotta Eat Here) and had an amazing dinner and we vowed to return before we left Halifax.

Food List Items: Fish and chips, Fresh fish (Arctic Char)

Day 2:

Today was our day trip to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg (and a drive through Mahone Bay). We got an early start and were one of the first to arrive at the most iconic lighthouse in Canada (possibly North America?). It was a gorgeous sunny day and we were able to get some great photos. I went right up to the lighthouse (had to touch it!) and saw the ominous sign warning visitors to be safe and stay back from the rocks/water. It was easy to see how it could be dangerous on windy days when the sea was more turbulent.

Empty parking lot when we arrived:

img_6003 img_6006 img_6007 img_6008 img_6009 img_6015 img_6014 img_6012 img_6018 img_6010

Lunenburg was a pretty fishing town and we had lunch overlooking the water. We got to see the Bluenose II – she was sailing and giving tours that day. Afterwards we strolled the streets of the town and shopped, stopped in a café for a bite, then drove back through Mahone Bay and back to Halifax.

Since Day 3 weather was a bit iffy, we decided to explore the Halifax waterfront in the afternoon of Day 2 and walked all along the boardwalk in the sun. We had dinner at the Stubborn Goat near our hotel.

The drive in the morning was very scenic (and gave new meaning to a winding road – holy moly the twists and turns didn’t stop) with pretty water views at every turn. Really beautiful.

Food List Items: Lobster salad, scallops

Bluenose II coming in to dock:


View from the restaurant patio (Dockside):

img_6020 img_6021 img_6022

Loved the door knocker:


And the colorful houses:


Day 3:

Today we explored Halifax some more and it was cloudy in the morning so we headed to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic down by the waterfront. We were both pleasantly surprised at how good the exhibits were from actual small craft boats to the huge number of model boats, to the Halifax explosion and Titanic exhibits – it was a great museum. If you visit one museum in Halifax, this should be it. We popped over to the Fairview Lawn Cemetery to visit the Titanic memorial as well and returned to 2 Doors Down for diner.

img_6026 img_6027

A lot of good information about the Titanic including menus for the different class passengers, the passenger list (including who was/wasn’t saved) and the transcript of the communication that night. Very well done.


At the cemetery, it was sad to see the large number of tombstones without a name. The inscription below was particularly moving, and he was only 20 years old…


We noticed this one as well but it’s not the J. Dawson played by Leo in the movie Titanic, even if the name was the same.

img_6030 img_6031 img_6032 img_6025

Food List Items: Lobster roll.

Tomorrow we are headed to New Brunswick!

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We decided to explore a piece of our own country for our vacation this year and started planning back in April for a trip to the Maritimes (specifically, Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick). We flew into Halifax, rented a car and off we went on our Atlantic Adventure. Being the uber-planner that I am, the itinerary was set and all flights, hotels/B&Bs/car/ferry/activities were booked months ago and included a good mix of outdoor fun, history, relaxation and some new things to try. Not to worry – there was plenty of wiggle room to decompress and fit in any extras as well. I also had a list of local foods I absolutely had to eat at some point along the trip and am proud to say I achieved that. We had also tagged all the “You Gotta Eat Here” restos featured on the Food Network in the areas we would be in.

This is what our itinerary was and we pretty much stuck to it:

  • Day 1: Arrive in Halifax, NS – Explore
  • Day 2: Day trip to Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay
  • Day 3: Explore Halifax some more
  • Day 4: Drive to Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick – stay in Moncton, NB
  • Day 5: Hiking in Fundy National Park (AM), Kayak tour in the Bay of Fundy (PM), stay in Moncton
  • Day 6: Take Confederation Bridge into PEI, explore Charlottetown
  • Day 7: Touring PEI including Greenwich Dunes in PEI National Park, local shops, drive through Cavendish, North Rustico, Brackley Beach, then New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.
  • Day 8: Take ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia, head to Baddeck in Cape Breton as our first stop to begin the Cabot Trail loop. Stayed in a lodge in Baddeck.
  • Day 9: Headed to Ingonish Beach, hiking in Cape Breton Highlands National Park (3 different trails), stay at a B&B in Cape North.
  • Day 10: Headed to Skyline Trail in Cape Breton, Cheticamp, Inverness, stay at an Inn in Margaree Valley
  • Day 11: Drive to Miners Museum just east of Sydney, NS. Stay in Sydney.
  • Day 12: Head to Fortress of Louisburg south of Sydney, last night of trip.
  • Day 13: Fly from Sydney to Toronto

In the next series of posts, I’ll be breaking down the days and activities we tackled in each area and post some pics of the highlights. This turned out to be an amazing trip in a beautiful part of our country. We lucked out with the weather, except for one morning (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise), great food, friendly people and experiences we’ll remember for a long time.

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We opted to vacation in Canada this year because of the weak Canadian dollar (why sped money when you don’t need to right?) and decided on the Maritimes. We were torn between the Maritimes and Banff/Lake Louise and chose the Maritimes mainly because for the Alberta trip we want to take a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer and that would take our budget over what we were hoping to spend this year. Secondly, the idea of a road trip around the different Maritime provinces sounded like a lot of fun. So, once the decision was made, I got to planning all the details (aka my happy place).

We’ll be going for 13 days and will fly from TO to Halifax, pick up our rental car at the airport and tackle our awesome itinerary:

Day 1: Halifax, NS: Visit the Citadel, walk around downtown to scope out the area.

Day 2: Halifax, NS: Drive down to visit Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Peggy’s Cove.

Day 3: Halifax, NS: Sightseeing in Halifax.

Day 4: Drive to Moncton, NB (perhaps through Annapolis Valley – depends on the tides), visit Hopewell Rocks, possible hike in Bay of Fundy National Park.

Day 5: Alma, NB: Half day kayak tour, possible hike in Bay of Fundy National Park.

Day 6: Drive to Charlottetown, PEI: Walking tour (Heritage walk) of Old Charlottetown, Victoria Row, Victoria Park.

Day 7: Touring in PEI including Greenwich PEI National Park, Central Coast Drive, dinner at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.

Day 8: Take ferry from Woods Island to Caribou and drive to Baddeck, NS.

Day 9: Explore the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton – Baddeck to Cape North. Hiking in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. (Possible trails: Middle Head, Coastal).

Day 10: Explore the Cabot Trail – Cape North to Margaree Valley. Hiking in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. (Skyline Trail).

Day 11: Drive to Sydney, NS: Cape Breton Miners’ Museum.

Day 12: Sydney, NS: Visit the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Day 13: Depart. Return rental car at Sydney airport, fly from Sydney to TO.

I’m looking forward to the seafood, the scenery, the hiking, exploring Cape Breton, pretty much everything.

We’ve flagged some restaurants to visit in each city if time and logistics fit. We should be able to get some good hiking in with lots of photo ops and lots of opportunities to relax, enjoy the scenery and eat all the seafood we can fit in our tummies. 🙂

Skyline Trail

Skyline Trail

All our accommodations are booked as well as the car rental, flights and ferry. All we have to do is show up and ENJOY! 🙂

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