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I usually have a pretty good idea of what Life List items I’ll be tackling in the year ahead but this year really was a toss up. We’ll be focusing on paying off our new deck during the first part of the year so any Life List items will be of the more frugal variety. 🙂 Travel plans are also up in the air for the time being. I’ve gone through my List and removed a few of things that were no longer of interest and added some new items. I’ve also been pondering some New Year’s resolutions for the past few days and have settled on a few to focus on in 2015.

New items added to the list:

  • Participate in the “23 and Me” DNA initiative
  • Have a home emergency kit
  • Arm-knit an infinity scarf
  • Learn 5 homestead skills
  • Go Christmas caroling as an adult
  • Go zorbing

List items I’ll try to tackle this year:

  • Roast a goose
  • Make a soufflé
  • Make falafel
  • Cook rabbit
  • Make fresh pasta
  • Go to three Heritage Villages (1 down-Black Creek, 2 to go-Westfield and Country Heritage)
  • Picnic in a vineyard
  • Stop biting / picking my fingernails (for once and for all!)
  • Make a homemade beauty product
  • Wear false eyelashes
  • Arm-knit an infinity scarf
  • Have my dream backyard (once the deck is finished :))
  • Start this: Have a home emergency kit
  • Participate in the 23 and Me DNA initiative
  • Start this: Learn 5 homestead skills
  • Exercise at least 2 times a week for a year
  • Books: Read 40 books
  • Movies: Watch 50 movies
  • Cooking: Cook 40 new recipes

Resolutions for 2015:

  • Eat real food as much as possible
  • Eat local and/or organic food as much as possible
  • Order takeout maximum twice a month
  • Increase fitness level
  • Further reduce our grocery budget through sales and couponing
  • Start meal planning and freezing meals


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With 2013 soon coming to a close, it’s time to start planning for 2014. 🙂 We already have some things lined up. Below is the list of things we hope to achieve next year:

  • Travel to Hawaii, USA (Booked for Feb 2014 – Aloha!!)
  • Attend an authentic luau, Hawaii, USA (Feb 2014)
  • Get lei’d in Hawaii, USA (Feb 2014)
  • See a volcano (Feb 2014)
  • Visit Antelope Canyon, USA (possibly early Fall 2014)
  • See the Grand Canyon, USA (possibly early Fall 2014)
  • Exercise at least 2 times a week for a month
  • Have my dream backyard (spring 2014)
  • Own a hot tub (spring 2014)
  • See a Habs game outside of Montreal (We have tickets for Jan 18th Woohoo!!)
  • Picnic in a vineyard (Summer 2014)

I’ll also set new goals for movies (watch 50) and books (read 40).

I’m already looking forward to next year and this year isn’t even over yet!! 🙂

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I love TIME’s end-of-year top 10 lists – they cover all the bases and provide great summaries in areas such as Art/Entertainment, Pop Culture, Health, Social Media, and more!


See my comments below but I encourage you to head over and check it out – lots of good stuff on there.

I can’t say I agree with their list of Worst Movies – there were worse out there than John Carter or The Odd Life of Timothy Green…

I like the list of Top 10 Apologies which includes Apple CEO Tim Cook for the Maps app and Romney’s 47% fiasco.

Top 10 Comebacks include Boy bands at #10 and Obama at #1.

The Top 10 Best Tweets include Obama’s Tweet Slam (his response to Clint Eastwood) and at #1 the Most Popular Tweet of all Time (“4 more years” and a pic of the first couple hugging).

I chuckled several times when reading the Top 10 Ridiculously Obvious Study Findings. My fave is #2 Why Older People Struggle to Read Fine Print—New Study. 🙂

In the Science section, the Mars Rover takes the #1 spot for Top Space Moment.

When it comes to the Tech section, there are 3 lists: Top 10 Gadgets, Top 10 Video Games and Top 10 Apps.

Top Olympics Moments include the “Shuttlecock Scandal” (that was hilarious), Bladerunner, Bolt and Phelps.

Top Business Blunders include the Facebook IPO.

Top Business Deals include Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for 1 billion dollars.

I think my favorite item in the whole TIME list is the #2 Best Commercial for the Samsung Galaxy 3 that laughs at Apple customers standing in line, some who are even holding spots in line for other, uncool, people. It’s so funny, I had to post it here:

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This time of year is always an exciting time for me. I get to think back on the past year and all that I accomplished and experienced, but also to look ahead at 2013 and start planning what Life List items I’ll tackle in the coming year. This is what I have on the radar so far:

  • Celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary – that’s coming up in september 2013. Milestone!
  • Own diamond earrings (possibly – see above hahahaha :))

We’re going to Europe in the spring and will tack on a few days in Paris – I’ll be able to cross off lots:

  • Travel to France
  • Visit Paris
  • See the Eiffel Tower
  • Visit the Louvre
  • See the Mona Lisa
  • Visit Notre Dame
  • Tour a castle in Europe (possibly)
  • Enjoy a pastry and cafe au lait in Paris

We’re also tentatively planning a cruise to the Maritimes. Hopefully we’ll find one with an itinerary that allows me to cross off the last 2 atlantic provinces I haven’t visited yet.

  • Travel to New Brunswick
  • Travel to Newfoundland
  • East lobster on the East coast
  • Increase my total cruises to 9 (goal is 10)

I’ll also have new recurring goals to work towards:

  • Read 40 books
  • See 50 movies
  • Cook 40 new Barefoot Contessa recipes (I never had an official annual goal but figured I’d have one next year)

There’s also some stuff that aren’t on my Life List – just things I’d like to get done around the house or participate in:

  • Replace last 3 windows
  • Paint bedroom
  • Grow tomatoes (I skipped last year and so missed them)
  • Donate clothes
  • Participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure

So, that’s the plan – hopefully I’ll be able to cross off most of them! 🙂


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