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After the Habs’ awesome Game 7 win against Boston, Big Bad Bruin Lucic’s behaviour during the traditional post-game handshake was all everyone was talking about. I got home from work and this conversation took place while I was making supper:

Me: Did you hear what Lucic said during the handshake?

Chris: I don’t really give a shit about golfers.


The man I married is very very wise.

Fore fu&#ers!

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I don’t usually do this but this is such a great initiative that my nieces and their schoolmates at Cedarcrest School in Montreal, QC would truly benefit from, so I’m putting it out there. Here are some details:

The Majesta “Trees of Knowledge” Competition is made up of three elements. First it is looking for Canadian Schools (from Canadian Primary Schools to Canadian High Schools) to submit an application for a chance to win a $20,000* Outdoor Classroom.

The goal of the Competition is to generate inspiring, creative ideas where students can learn “outside the traditional classroom”.  

Plus Canadians can show support for a Finalist by placing a vote once a day during the Voting Period for one of the ten (10) Finalists in the Majesta “Tree of Knowledge Competition.

In addition if you are of the age of majority in your province or territory of residence, you could play the Tree-Twist – Majesta “Trees of Knowledge”  game and be entered for a chance to win $10,000 CDN from Majesta in the “Trees of Knowledge” Competition.

This is what Cedarcrest would build if they win – I love it – look at those tree stump seats! And there’s even a vegetable patch!

Cedarcrest Outdoor Classroom

Their proposal is:

Cedarcrest’s outdoor classroom proposal includes an area of planted trees to be used as a space for quiet reading and reflection. There is also a section where students can dig, plant and explore a variety of plants and flowers.

Cedarcrest has also included a space with a large reading chair, chalk board, and log benches in which teachers can complete classes and lessons outdoors or engage their students in storytelling.

Fun Facts:

  • Cedarcrest switched from an English core program to a French Immersion program in 2010 and has had a steady increase in enrollment ever since.
  • Students and teachers participated in an anti-bullying campaign whereby the students made videos promoting fair play and proper treatment of others, as well as having former NHL hockey player Chris Nilan come and speak to the students of his life experience and discourage bullying actions.
  • Students and home and school association brought the students close to nature by planting a tulip garden last spring to beautify our grounds.

Vote for Cedarcrest to win an outdoor classroom and earn a chance to win $10,000 for yourself: http://www.majestatreesofknowledge.ca/  You can enter daily!

To place a vote in the Competition, individuals must: (a) be a legal resident of Canada; (b) be located in Canada at the time of entry; (c) be six (6) years of age or older at the time of voting; and (d) have used only one (1) valid email address to participate in the Competition.

Help us win this for the kids! 🙂

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Now that Gauthier is no longer the Habs’ GM, the rumours of Patrick Roy returning to the Habs franchise in some form or another have been making the rounds.

Having grown up in Montreal and being a lifelong Habs fan, Patrick Roy pretty well reached saintly status for most fans out there. If not saintly, at least heroic.

Hiring Patrick as head coach or GM would, theoretically, give the team what they may have been missing. He brings with him the history of the franchise, past success..huge success.

He wants to win. Not that the team doesn’t, but for Patrick, winning is the only option.

He’s passionate about hockey; yes, he’s been known to be hot-headed at times but I think that kind of passion is exactly what the doctor ordered. We all remember the last game he played in Montreal where he stormed off the ice – but imagine that kind of passion for hockey – this time harnessed towards motivating the team. I would love to see him behind the bench as head coach – just to see him active with the Habs again. But, if the GM spot is his destiny, I’ll take that too. There’s also the possibility of him being involved with the Quebec team – but I’m secretly hoping he comes to Montreal.

Either way, I think a good dose of Habs history would light a fire under the team. Bring back the passion to win, the will to continue the historic success of the franchise. Bring back Patrick.

It’s time.

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Hi all,

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted! Here’s a recap:

Chris and I were in Montreal for the weekend to attend the baptism of our nephew, Zach, and were proud godparents to boot. 🙂 We drove down on Saturday and arrived in early afternoon. We had an awesome time at dinner with friends and family. Our waiter was hilarious and had us laughing the whole night. He was giving out hugs (to both our female and male attendees) which made for some cozy moments.

After two pitchers of Sangria, we moved to shots. In a family restaurant, this was particularly funny. My brother Mark’s shot was a flaming sambuca, and some of it splashed on his cheek. After drinking it, his face was on fire for a few seconds. Unless he’s starring in the next Ghost Rider movie, this was probably not a look he wanted to keep. He doused the flames and all was well. Classic moment was when the waiter leaned over and said “You’re on fire dude.” 🙂

Mark, after his flaming sambuca shot

It was a great night and we were glad we got to see everybody and catch up. Everyone made it home in one piece.

Sunday was the baptism and everything went smoothly during the ceremony. Barring some crying when Zach got dunked in the basin, he did good. Chris’ sniffles were minimal. 🙂 After church, we all headed downtown for the dinner reception at Vargas. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was very good.

We drove back to Toronto in the morning and got home at 2-ish. That was our whirlwind weekend. 🙂

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Highly recommend this blog post and video about city skylines including Toronto, Montreal, New York, etc. The creator of the sequence Dominic Boudreault states the purpose is to show the duality between city and nature.

There are some gorgeous shots in there. I like the ones showing the massive scale of some of the cities. Makes one feel so small in the grand scheme. Also the nature ones at the end with the stars moving overhead – stunning.

Nice job.

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We’re visiting family in Montreal this weekend. It started off on a somewhat bad foot with the drive over. What normally takes 5 hours took over 7 hours due to holiday volume and various accidents along the way, including the bus fire just outside of Brockville. It was going in the other direction but our side had a long line of rubberneckers… And who could blame them really: 

By the time we drove by, the fire was out and all that remained was the ashy shell of the back end of the bus. It was something out of a movie. Glad no one was injured.


Last night, we had dinner at our favourite Greek resto Arahova’s (they don’t have any in Toronto) with family.

From left to right: Me, then my siblings Julie, Mark and Sue

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Our father, who art at the Bell Centre,
Hockey be thy name.
Thy will be done, the Cup be won
On ice, as well as in the stands.
Give us this day our hockey sticks
And forgive us our penalties
As we forgive those who cross-check against us.
Lead us not into elimination
But deliver us to victory.
In the name of the fans,
Lord Stanley and the holy Habs.

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Look – it’s snowing on my blog.

There’s just something magical about snow falling during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

There’s always that hope that we’ll have a white Christmas. I still feed sad if there’s no snow on the 25th! Last Christmas was eerily devoid of snow..which ended up lasting all winter. Snow at christmas would be nice…but it can melt away on Dec 26th. 🙂

And it’s not really snow as a whole, but instead, all these little individual unique sparkly snowflakes falling all around, making everything glisten and twinkle in the glow of Christmas lights.

The light fluffy kind that goes flying when you blow on it.

Or the uber heavy, wet kind that’s perfect for making snowmen and building forts.

Snow makes Christmastime magical. That’s why Bing was dreaming of a white one. That’s why Santa lives in the North Pole, where it snows all year. It just wouldn’t be the same if Santa lived in Cancun. Don’t even get me started on the red speedos.

Christmas in Montreal

Christmas in Toronto

I’m happy to report I woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground this morning and they’ve forecasted scattered flurries today so maybe it’ll stay!

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We were once again in Montreal this weekend, this time for Chris’ cousin Bill’s wedding. We drove down Friday, stayed at the same hotel (where they said “Welcome back” – omg we’re becoming regulars – funny). Friday was game night at Christina and Adam’s place – we got Arahovas delivered and we brought wine (Inniskillin Pinot Noir 2008) – yummy. Lots of gabbing and catching up, watched the hockey and played  “Would you rather” – fun game! 🙂

Saturday, we ended up doing some shopping (bought wine tumblers which we’ve been wanting to buy for a while now). Then got ready for Bill and Mema’s wedding. It was fun to see everyone again and spend some time with family at the reception. Congrats Bill and Mema – we had a great time and wish you a long and happy future together!

Only in Montreal – it snowed Saturday night…

Wtf snow on Halloween...

Sunday morning was a group brunch with friends, family and bacon (I had a craving – leave me alone :)).

The nieces! Maddie, Chloe and Sienna. And that's a piece of me on the left there...

Olga and Christina - you guys look great! Happy to see you both!

Julie, Chantal and Mark - great pic of you guys!

Nephew and soon-to-be godson Zach - what a cutie

The gang at Tutti Frutti (a breakfast place in our old neighborhood)

We headed back to Toronto after brunch (with a pit-stop at Starbucks for reinforcements). Had fun guessing the next songs on my ipod which we set to shuffle (only 321 songs and we got halfway). I’m an ADD song skipper. Once I guess the song and hear a couple of verses of it, I typically skip to the next one. Chris said I made him dizzy…oh well, we all have our flaws. This is mine. 🙂

Glad to be home, where it’s nice and warm – not cold with snow on the ground! Ack!!

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Go Habs Go!

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