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I am officially on vacation. 1 week at home, 1 week at Disneyworld. Life is good. 🙂

My plan for the first week is:

  • Horseback riding tomorrow (Life list item!)
  • Loblaws – grocery shopping to pick up ingredients for the recipes I’m planning on trying this week: date nut bread, chicken bouillabaisse, bruschetta with peppers and gorgonzola all from the Back to Basics Barefoot Contessa cookbook (part of Life List item)
  • Finish painting gym room
  • Call to book chimney sweep in time for cold weather wood fires
  • Call to order firewood
  • Buy sneakers for all that walking at Disney

Let’s see if I stick to the plan. 🙂 I’ll try to post some pics of the dishes I make.

Plan for the second week:

Disney! Epcot wine and food festival, fun, Cirque do soleil show, fun, spending the day with Scott&Angie, fun. Can’t wait!


EDIT: I’ve actually done everything on the list except for the painting. I think we’ll be skipping that til a free weekend down later in November. Made all the yummy food, had a blast at horseback riding (although I’m in PAIN today!), got sneakers, firewoode is being delivered on Monday, chimney is getting checked on Thursday, and our door is also getting meaured on Thursday. Productive weekend!

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You heard correctly. We finally did it – we lit a fire in the wood fireplace. Well, Ok, Chris lit it but I was nearby (no, not with the fire extinguisher…) – I was making soup and grilled cheeses. You know, fire food. 🙂

It was awesome and it smelled so good!!! Wow – I could get used to this! Chris did amazing – he was all Survivor-ish. So we enjoyed a nice evening with hot chocolate, xmas tree lights and a crackling fire. Very cozy! So proud. 🙂

So that’s the fire part. The ice part was the dusting of snow we had on Saturday. Not very exciting…just a flurry. I wonder if we’ll ever get dumped on like in Mtl…

So we went xmas shopping on Saturday. Went back to Square One and got almost everything done. Well, I should mention that we got lost and went around in circles for about 20 minutes, but when we finally got our bearings, it was very productive. 🙂 ha!

We’re thinking of going back to Disney for our next trip in the spring. If anyone has any recommendations on any of the Disney resorts, please send word. We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter last time and it was just Ok.

Gas was at 72.9 today – I see a 69.9 in the near future!! I can’t believe it!!!

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