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It’s been cooler for the past few days and it kind of took me by surprise. I know we’re now September…and with cooler weather comes the leaves changing color, apple picking, socks, soup, hot chocolate, wood fires, new and returning TV shows, fall fashion… My favourite season OF ALL!  Fall. Oh, fall, how I love thee…

Up until this latest cold spell, all of these cool-weather things were things to look forward to, things that would take place weeks from now. Now that it could actually be HERE right NOW, I’m so excited! 

Apple picking - so much fun!


Hot chocolate with whipped cream. Mmmm


Perfect cold-weather food

Fuzzy socks!

Sitting by a wood fire...warm and toasty

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You heard correctly. We finally did it – we lit a fire in the wood fireplace. Well, Ok, Chris lit it but I was nearby (no, not with the fire extinguisher…) – I was making soup and grilled cheeses. You know, fire food. 🙂

It was awesome and it smelled so good!!! Wow – I could get used to this! Chris did amazing – he was all Survivor-ish. So we enjoyed a nice evening with hot chocolate, xmas tree lights and a crackling fire. Very cozy! So proud. 🙂

So that’s the fire part. The ice part was the dusting of snow we had on Saturday. Not very exciting…just a flurry. I wonder if we’ll ever get dumped on like in Mtl…

So we went xmas shopping on Saturday. Went back to Square One and got almost everything done. Well, I should mention that we got lost and went around in circles for about 20 minutes, but when we finally got our bearings, it was very productive. 🙂 ha!

We’re thinking of going back to Disney for our next trip in the spring. If anyone has any recommendations on any of the Disney resorts, please send word. We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter last time and it was just Ok.

Gas was at 72.9 today – I see a 69.9 in the near future!! I can’t believe it!!!

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